Web & iOS


Lead Designer


2 months

FlipFlops goes where other food delivery apps won't... the beach. I got to design the mobile app for the customers, restaurants, and runners.

flipflops example screen 1flipflops example screen 2flipflops example screen 3

User Types


People at the beach that are hungry but too busy or lazy to walk to nearby restaurants.


People that are receiving and processing orders from customers.


People that are taking the food from the restaurant to the customer.

flip flops example screen 4

Flow charting

I typically like to start big projects with a flow chart. It helps everyone get on the same page and allows us to map out features and what will be on each screen.

flowcharting example

Design, prototype, build

I moved straight to design and prototype after building the master flow chart. I prefer designing and prototyping at the same time. This allows me to communicate more effectively with different members of the team during the design process.

After a few weeks of design, we started the development of the iOS and web app. Unfortunately, the client was not willing to pay for user research time despite my best efforts.

Establish brand

I was lucky enough to work on the branding for FlipFlops. While this isn't what I typically work on, the founders trusted me enough to work on a logo and color set for their brand.

Logo by Na Roberts

Admin portal

The founders wanted an easy way to manage all the restaurants on the platform. They also wanted to give participating restaurants a way to manage their menus, payments, and business information. The admin portal makes it easy to do all that and more.

admin portal example 1
admin portal example 2
admin portal example 3

Restaurant app

We also created a separate app for restaurants and runners. The restaurant app allows restaurants to easily process orders and hand them off to runners.

Once the order is turned over to the runner, the app gives directions to the customer's location on the beach.

restaurant app example 1restaurant app example 2restaurant app example 3